Tocchet’s Next Step

Now that the guily plea has been entered, and jail time is not expected, the speculation as to what may be next for Rick Tocchet has begun.

The NHL has stated there won’t be any official ruling until sentencing, and after Tocchet has met with Bob Cleary, an investigator hired by the league.

New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Mark Eliades said there was a “presumption of non-incarceration” in the case because of the low level of the offenses and because Tocchet, 43, had no criminal record. Sentencing was scheduled for Aug. 22.

“You’re asking me to prognosticate,” Bettman said in response to a question about Tocchet’s future. “Rick Tocchet pled guilty to a Grade III felony. He has yet to be sentenced. . . . We will finally have an opportunity to have Bob Cleary, who is conducting our investigation, meet with him.

“I’m not in a position to say what is going to happen until they plead the disposition of his case and we have an independent arbitrator interview him and finish interviewing other people and present a report.”

Alanah has a great post about what may be next for Tocchet.  Be sure to read the comments.

Posted by David M Singer on May 30, 2007 at 03:06 AM
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