Thursday, March 10, 2005

HSBC Arena Tests Blue Ice

HSBC Arena with blue ice
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The Sabres announced they have made their ice light blue for when HSBC Arena hosts two Rochester Americans games.

“We are very excited to experiment with a light blue ice surface,” said Buffalo Sabres Managing Partner Larry Quinn. “The National Hockey League first introduced the idea of using different types of ice colors and we asked their permission to experiment with the blue ice concept during our two upcoming AHL games. We think the action on the ice will show up better on television with a blue surface and will be easier to see the flow of the puck.”

This experiment, approved by the National Hockey League and the AHL, will also see the traditional blue lines replaced by orange lines and the red center ice line will be dark blue. The face off circles will be orange while the end lines and crease lines will stay red.

This is a big change for hardcore fans, but just a subtle change to the casual observer (not the line colors, but the ice surface itself).  Some have suggested that the blue ice can make it much easier for people to not only follow the game on tv, but watch an entire game.  The bright white ice surface can tire eyes out and the light blue can allow for many to watch a complete game with less strain on the eyes.

I’ll wait to see a game on tv with the different ice surface before making any assumptions, but I am glad that things like this are at least being tested.

Posted by David M Singer on Mar 10, 2005 at 06:05 PM
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