OLN Still Hunting for Sports

In last week’s OLN Worries Seem Short Term, I mentioned how that OLN was possibly going after MLB games, besides the late season NFL package.  Those deals would make the channel a sports powerhouse alongside ESPN, even if it doesn’t have any brand recognition yet.

However, OLN isn’t just looking at the big boys.  MediaWeek reports OLN is after the NLL as well (via SportsBiz).

When I was originally writing about OLN and what it could do to become a better network, the NLL definitely crossed my mind, but I knew it was on ESPN currently and couldn’t find any contract details.  Instead, I leaned on the idea of renegotiating a few deals and broadcasting the minor league games that local Comcast stations already have the rights to.

If OLN does want to make a deal with NLL, it should do so fast:

NLL Commissioner Jim Jennings said OLN has an advantage over ESPN because it has available weekend windows to air the games live, while ESPN could only air them on a tape-delayed basis.

If OLN can pick up MLB or NFL games within the next year or so, available weekend windows might become a thing of the past, better to sign now, and position yourself better for the future.  OLN certainly won’t have a ton of quality filler for a long time, might as well show some games whenever possible.

All of this possible dealing should make the NHL confident that Comcast is serious about turning OLN into a sports powerhouse.  Having the NHL as the product to lead the way can only help the league as long as it can stay in the foreground of the station’s plans.

Posted by David M Singer on Aug 31, 2005 at 02:38 PM


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