Link Gaetz Suspended for the Rest of the Season

Link Gaetz has been suspended for the rest of the season by Prolab de Thetford Mines of the LNAH.

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While Gaetz has been suspended quite a few times throughout his career I thought this time was certainly special: Last Sunday Thetford Mines had a game against the Verdun Dragons.  Gaetz didn’t have a shift all game and in between the second and third periods he was seen, without his jersey and without skates on, at a concession stand where he ordered a cheeseburger and promptly ate it.  He returned to the bench for the third period.

Thetford Mines said they suspended Gaetz out of respect to the other players on the team, the organization and the league, and that they’ve put too much energy into giving good credibility to the organization and the league to let this incident go without disciplinary action.

Gaetz had 0 goals, 2 assists and 117 PIM in 22 games with Thetford Mines this season.

Update: A fan poses with Gaetz during his burgertrip.

Posted by David M Singer on Mar 21, 2005 at 04:47 AM


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