With a Bang

Alright, mini-break from TIB is over.  So I’m back with a bang, as they say…

No need to worry about whether or not Canucks tickets are a hot item in Vancouver.  This Craigslist offer (NSFW pics!) proves they’re quite, um, desired.

Let’s quickly be clear: NSFW = not safe for work.

Before you get your hopes up and think you might trade some StubHub action for some action-action, check out the date.  The offer was for last night’s game against Nashville.  The boxscore says it was a sellout, so hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  If this offer came out of St Louis, I might be a little suspicious, but the Leon Phelps in me probably wouldn’t have cared.

There are three teams in the NY metro area.  Playoff tickets can be hard to get.  Just sayin’.

via OriginalSix on hockeyfights.com forums

Update Mar 26 200am: Almost forgot to mention the craigslist thread has been taken down.  Thanks to those who wrote me to let me know.

Posted by David M Singer on Mar 23, 2007 at 05:31 AM


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