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About a month ago Center Ice expanded the number of channels it uses.

Center Ice refers to the channels as NH01 to NH14.  NH11 to NH14 are the “new” channels.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the online schedule was ever updated.  When there’s been a game recently on channel NH11 or higher it was simply left off the list.  The only way to know about the broadcast was to turn to one of the NHxx channels on a day you want the schedule for.  As long as a game isn’t on and it’s not NH01, you get the schedule.

That leads us to tonight, which I can only describe as confusing, if not bizarre.  Two games are left off of the online schedule that appear on the schedule on tv: Minnesota at Colorado and Calgary at Phoenix.  For some reason Calgary at Phoenix will be joined in progress on the same channel as the Devils and Rangers are on.  NH01 to NH10 is being used.  In other words, all of the “old” channels, none of the new.

Wasn’t the point of channel expansion to avoid joined in progess situations?  If it was done before, why not now?

I can’t recall the last time a game was joined in progress on a channel that previously held a NY metro area game.  I wonder about that because tonight I’ll have Devils-Rangers on two channels live, three for replays.  I just hope the inane local blackout on the Center Ice channels doesn’t prevent me from watching Calgary-Phoenix, which should have its own channel in the first place.

Posted by David M Singer on Feb 22, 2007 at 04:49 AM


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