The Case Revolves Around Tocchet

James Harney, the now-former NJ trooper, pleaded guilty in a plea-bargain deal in order to help the state (NJ) make a case against Rick Tocchet.

Notice the NY Times headline on the AP article?  “Guilty Plea Made in Tocchet Case”.  If you take a stop over at Google News, you’ll notice Tocchet’s name appears in many headlines.  A former hockey star and recent assistant coach to Wayne Gretzky makes for a good headline.

But is it intentional?  New Jersey made a splash months ago announcing Tocchet’s alleged involvement and then there were numerous leaks before a long period of silence leading up to today.  You’re not seeing a plethora of “corrupt cop” headlines or calls for internal investigations that normally might be heard around a case like this.

Tocchet’s defense says they are “undeterred” by Harney’s guilty plea.

Posted by David M Singer on Aug 04, 2006 at 12:28 AM
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