Text Googl for Scores

Hey, I’m missing an “e”!  Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten lazy, it’s just Google’s SMS number.

You can now text message Googl (46645) for sports scores.

Google already has a great SMS service, and this is something I was hoping they’d add to it.

I tested it out tonight.  With a lot of games going on, I figured it was a good time.

Some results:

nhl canadiens - works!
nhl habs - works!
nhl isles - doesn’t work
nhl islanders - works, but “previous game” was listed as Islanders-Devils 0-0, when the Isles won 6-1.
nhl sens - doesn’t work
nhl leafs - works!
nhl canes - works!

If you find any interesting results, feel free to leave them in the comments, maybe we can make a good user guide for this (or at least people know the quickest possible message they can send for a team’s score), and help Google give us better results.

Depending on your mobile phone plan, text messages can cost you, so please check your plan before going text crazy.  Google doesn’t charge a thing for this service (currently).

You can also get scores for these leagues (only in-season): NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB, NFL.

Posted by David M Singer on Mar 16, 2006 at 11:15 PM


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