Sauve and Aebischer

Tuesday night Philippe Sauve got into a “fight” with his ex-teammate David Aebischer.  Or did he?  Let’s take a look at the boxscore:

Calgary instigator - 2 min 19:28, P. Sauve
Calgary slashing - 2 min 19:28, T. Amonte
Calgary goalie leaving crease - 2 min 19:28, P. Sauve
Calgary game misconduct - 10 min 19:28, P. Sauve
Colorado roughing - 2 min 19:28, D. Aebischer

Not a fighting major in sight.  And there’s good reason for it to.  Neither one of them through a punch (video).

No majors and it doesn’t get added to the log on  Yet, many came this past day looking for the entry and the video.  When I answered emails about why it wasn’t in the log and posted on the videos page everyone understood - yet they still loved it.

Basically, goalies don’t need to do anything but skate past the blue line for people to freak out and love them, and they don’t even need to throw a punch to be in a fight.

The most curious part of all of it was the instigator penalty Sauve picked up.  I can’t remember the last time (or any time) an instigator penalty was given with no fighting major attached to it.  I can’t see anywhere in the rule book where it mentions the instigator is a separate penalty.

As this happened within the last five minutes of regulation Sauve was up for an “automatic” suspension which Colin Campbell rescinded.

Ben Wright and Jeff and Alanah both want to know why such a blatant instigation of a fight didn’t warrant suspension?  Well, no matter what Campbell’s reasoning, which could be completely logical (spur of the moment, obviously wasn’t sent out on the ice to start a fight; but either way, it wasn’t mentioned in the TSN article), the real reason may be that no fight ever happened and that an instigator penalty shouldn’t have been given to Sauve.  I’m not one to defend this rule, but I can certainly understand no suspension being given here.

Was the instigator penalty fairly awarded?  If not, would the NHL even admit an officiating mistake?

Posted by David M Singer on Jan 26, 2006 at 04:58 AM


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