Randomness Oct 22, 2006

Woah.  Been a while.  A crazy work schedule has done me in.  I’ve also been working on a redesign for hockeyfights.com.

My “blogroll” is my blog feedreader page.  So many new blogs around, please drop me a note to be added to it (and feel free to also add your link to hockeyfights.com’s blog category).

After an 0-3 start the Islanders are 3-0-2.  The doom and gloom articles have been put on pause for a moment, which is nice since very few actually cited the hockey team as a reason as to why the team would/should be bad.  Charles Wang doesn’t put skates on?  Who knew?

A pickup in play hasn’t resulted in a big pickup in attendance on the Island.  From slightly more than casually observation I’d say perception offline seems to be the same as it is online: the team is doomed.  It’ll definitely take more than a five-game run to change that.

The Flyers are making some major changes.  I’m not sure who the new GM will be, but I know of one candidate available.

The picture above is on the front of the Thrashers’ website.  I’m not sure if it needs a new caption or none at all.

More website talk:

david: http://www.chicagoblackhawks.com/
david: i like the “i’m too cool” pic of havlat
van: haha
van: i had no idea he was that cool
david: we do now
david: that’s a lady killer right there
van: i think my own panties flew off me

Posted by David M Singer on Oct 22, 2006 at 12:16 PM


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