Randomness Nov 03, 2006

Damien Cox drops some logic into the schedule debate.

Following up my post the other night (written too late, excuse the mess of that): Greg Logan of Newsday dives into Sean Bergenheim’s situation a bit more.

The Islanders beat the Devils last night.  I point this out not to write that the Islanders won again (and looked rather good), but to point you to that link.  That’s a NY Times piece.  Non-AP, and not about the Rangers.

Arron Asham dropping the gloves with Cam Jassen gave the Islanders their first fighting major of the season.  They were the last team in the NHL to pick up an FM.

In the same week the NHL has jumped on the Google Video bandwagon, the NBA has jumped off.  Steve Rubel writes:

My gut is that Google is having a lot of difficulty selling content on Google Video. If the NBA were making money with Google, you can bet they would have stayed there. In fact, they probably would have used it as a platform to promote their new League Pass Broadband service -  but they didn’t.

I’m not as familiar with the NBA situation, but it seems any corporation that offers their own online video sees every other online video as a competitor to their own service, even if it’s not the same type of service.  The NBA could have an archived service of their own in the works, or they simply want nba.com to be associated with NBA videos more than Google.  Pure speculation, it could be anything, hopefully more information will come out about it.

I’m sure the NHL is looking to make a buck or two off of their new online video venture, but they’d be smart to look at it as a brand builder just as much as a money maker; and they should keep offering at least something free at all times to keep interest and return visitors.  That one person who never buys a thing may keep forwarding that new free video to all his friends, and those could be your potential customers.  Maybe that’s a little too viral-thinking for a paid on-demand service, but the new agreement with Google Video has the potential to be a lot of things besides just a new revenue stream.  The branding and marketing potential shouldn’t be ignored.

Update Nov 08 1230am: For those curious about the NBA-Google Video deal, Staci at paidContent writes:

Here’s my informed understanding of the situation: The initial single-season deal was timed to end before the current NBA season. The NBA is still talking to Google and other companies with at least one download announcement expected in the next few weeks.

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