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Pre-game: Pierre Maguire asks Chris Pronger and Erik Cole on-ice what it will take to win game 7.  Not original, but certainly important.  I wondered “how would I answer?”  My first thought was, “Just the basics Pierre: skate well, shoot well, don’t crap my pants.”

First Period

19:00 Nature foreshadowing?  NBC has a severe thunderstorm warning up for most of the tri-state (NY) area.

18:34 Ward scores just as the warning comes off the screen.  Eerie if you believe in those types of things.

17:00 Somehow it took me this long to realize you shouldn’t eat wings when you want to live blog a game.

16:43 There’s been some great hits, but now there’s a penalty.  There goes the fun, for now.

14:00 The Canes are skating tonight.  The crowd is alive.  More than any team winning, I’m rooting for a good, close, entertaining game.  Overtime wouldn’t bother me.

Commercial Silly little… oh, wait, not so fast, but the fairy got him anyway.  Commercial?  I should have done this based on real-time, not game time.  Oh well.

12:00 The Oilers are starting to return the hits as Doc Emrick notes.

10:00 Edmonton puts some pressure on the Canes.  From Cam Ward’s movements, he looks pretty calm.  No need for new underwear.

Commercial “Knowing there’s a big, clean sheet of ice on the other end: priceless.”  It’s a cute commercial, and it was a few years ago too.  Some of those kids might be in juniors now.

7:28 With all the beards out there, how could a company like Gillette not see the opportunity to make a great commercial?  I don’t want to do anyone’s job for them, but there’s money somewhere in there.

5:50 The refs haven’t been whistle-heavy so far, and there’s been no need to be.  This game is starting a notch above the rest.

3:00 There’s been quite a few “I was just hit, now I’ll lay down for a moment, rub something and then look for a ref” moments.  The World Cup is in Germany boys.

0:04 On a delayed penalty the Canes charge in and almost score.  Staios covers the puck in the crease.  It’s under review, but this should lead to a penalty shot and then a Canes power play.  Maguire says: no penalty shot, as the puck was touched on the delayed penalty.  Doesn’t make sense to me, and JD seems to be in my camp.  Another addition: the Oilers didn’t do enough to protect Markkanen from the Canes’ hacking.  JD and Maguire are arguing about whether or not a penalty shot should be called.  Maguire says the whistle is due to the delayed penalty, JD says the play was stopped because of the Oilers’ possesion (from Staios covering the puck).  I’m still with JD, but the refs are of Maguire’s mindset.

End of first period Only one goal, and that’s fine by me.  JD wants an official explanation.  Good, I’d like one too.  Score: Carolina 1 - Edmonton 0; Shots: Carolina 9 - Edmonton 5.

Commercial “Because I’m compensating for my shortcomings.”  I love it, and it’s had staying power.

Update JD is saying after speaking with officials, it should have been a penalty shot.  No official names were given, but at least someone is admitting a mistake was made.  Hopefully it won’t become a forever “what if” of sports history.

Bill Clement lets us know NBC will have two more regular season NBC broadcasts, three more postseason broadcasts.  Very nice.

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Stephen Walkom, VP of Officiating, explains to JD that there should be no penalty shot because Staios attempted to deflect, not grab the puck.  The NHL was quick to get someone on camera and say “our refs made the right call”.  JD’s “ok” seemed to just be courteous, not “oh I believe you.”

Second Period

17:44 WOW!  NBC has a pretty clear shot that the puck crossed the line with :04 left in the first.  Good job on the video guys.  It was a tough call for sure.

15:42 Canes score on the power play, they’re now up 2-0.  Can Edmonton come back?  Doesn’t look likely if Carolina keeps up this level of energy.

12:29 Some good saves the last few minutes.  No one’s giving up or getting cocky yet.

10:25 I suddenly sympathize with Edmonton fans, I only have a few beers left.

6:00 When do we start talking Conn Smythe?  Is it Brind’Amour, Cam Ward?  Or possibly whoever leads the comeback charge for the Oilers?

Commercial Silly little…

1:37 It gets scrummy in front of Cam Ward.  Expect more of this.  It was quick, but good to see emotion remain high.

0:24 Left-wing-lock talk.  Let’s just not call it the trap or the My NHL police might cry.

End of second period Ray Ferraro, going back to the first period: “to me Eddie, this is a penalty shot.”  Ferraro was unsure during the first intermission.  Clement points out that if the score doesn’t change, it won’t matter, but hey, it’s the only “controversy” there is right now.

Commercial Silly little…

Third Period

19:45 Oilers come out strong and get a good chance quickly.

18:57 Pisani scores as he and Recchi crash into Cam Ward.  Canes fans quickly start chanting “Let’s go Canes!”.  Carolina 2 - Edmonton 1.

11:20 Quick line changes, fewer risky plays from Carolina.  They’re not sitting back, but they shouldn’t change style of play too much.  Stick with what’s working.

10:47 Was that our first Kristi Yamaguchi sighting tonight?  I’m surprised it took them so long, or I missed it and I’m just phasing things like that out for the most part.

8:37 Andrew Ladd hasn’t had a lot of ice time, but he’s been noticable every time he’s out there.

7:22 Bret Hedican just picked up a relatively weak roughing call.  I’m ok with it if the Oilers tie the game on the power play, I just hope it’s not this one.

5:22 Hurricanes kill Hedican’s penalty.  Oilers then stop a good Hurricanes chance.

Commercial I’m told the Vonage commercial with the woman talking in the house and the man dancing like an idiot in the background is “us”.  For some reason, I’m almost proud.

3:40 Cam Ward just comes up HUGE!  Wow.  Conn Smythe?  Doc Emrick’s voice is getting extra-special crackly.

2:30 Current strategies - Oilers: dump and chase, Canes: clear.

1:38 Markkanen is on the bench, empty net, extra attacker time.

1:01 Empty net goal by Justin Williams!

0:00 It’s over!  Hurricanes win the Cup!  Time to sit back and enjoy the celebration.  Enjoy the win Canes fans.

It’s been a fun season - remember, preseason starts in just three months!

Update: Conn Smythe = Cam Ward

The Cup comes out.  Gary Bettman doesn’t get an introduction.  Carolina fans don’t boo when he starts talking.  He kisses some Carolina butt and presents the Cup to Rod Brind’Amour.

The Cup gets passed around.  Ray Whitney tosses an f-bomb and NBC quickly fades volume from ice level.  We now know the game was not broadcast on delay.

A few more passes of the Cup and NBC ends the broadcast 16 minutes after the final buzzer went off.

The draft is on OLN/VS this Saturday, June 24th at 6PM ET.

Posted by David M Singer on Jun 19, 2006 at 10:18 PM


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