Hilary Duff in Maxim

All celeb couples seem to need stupid combined-name nicknames nowadays, so if anyone can think of something for Mike Comrie and Hillary Duff, be my guest (if they are actually a couple).

From TMZ:

Hilary and fresh boy toy Mike Comrie were spotted having a romantic dinner last night at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. Try the veal cutlet! Comrie is the center for the New York Islanders hockey team, but his “net worth” doesn’t stop there; the Canadian pucker comes with quite a wad of cash—as heir to the Brick Warehouse fortune (which is Canada’s version of Sears). Score!

The Canadians then get mad about the Brick Warehouse-Sears comparison in the comment section.

So the Islanders have replaced Alexei Yashin and Carol Alt with Mike Comrie and Hillary Duff?  It’s a PR dream, no doubt.

Forget about Comrie vs Sean Avery during Islanders-Rangers games, I’m thinking the public would much rather see Duff vs Avery’s gal-pal Elisha Cuthbert.

Duff is also featured in the latest issue of Maxim Magazine.

Thanks to Jamie for the tip.

Posted by David M Singer on Jul 26, 2007 at 04:37 PM


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