Mid-Season Rules Changes

The rules have changed.  I’ve yet to see it anywhere else, but TSN is reporting two rules changes starting tonight:

Beginning tonight pucks fired directly over the glass in the defensive zone are no longer an automatic two minute minor.  If a puck is deflected, batted or gloved over the glass and the referee deems it unintentional, it is no longer a penalty.

Also, all sticks will be measured before shooters take part in the shootout.  If a stick is illegal, its owner is sent back to the bench for a legal stick.

I was unaware rules changes could be made in-season.

While I do hope the first one is true, as I wasn’t a fan of the automatic delay of game penalty, I do hope the linesmen/refs who handle stick measuring are very quick about it.

Thanks to Jamie for the pointer.

Update 5pm:  Confirmed.  NHL.com now has an article about the rules changes.  I’m a fan of the wording in the stick measurement rules: quickly, efficiently, promptly.

Posted by David M Singer on Feb 28, 2006 at 06:33 PM


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