Lockout Suppressing Easy Coverage

If you’re like I am, you love to grab as much info as you can from xml feeds, whether it be rss or atom.

One thing I’ve found in my hunt for hockey feeds is that hockey or the NHL is missing from many mainstream media outlets that provide feeds.

Check out SI.com’s RSS feed list - notice no NHL.

I manually typed in nhl to replace the nfl in the NFL’s feed uri.  Nada.  404 error.  However, if you replace that with hockey, you do indeed get a feed.

Ok, so on SI.com, it’s not “missing out”, just being held back from the public for the moment, most likely due to the lockout.  It is also very interesting that SI.com has decided to entitle their feeds nfl, nba, mlb - but not nhl.

Many other places hockey coverage is just being held back completely.  SFGate.com has rss feeds, but no hidden Sharks or hockey feed.  The Star Tribune in hockey-crazed Minnesota has rss feeds as well.  While they hide their other feeds, some uri guess and check found a Twins, Timberwolves, Vikings and a Gophers feed too.  Wild feed?  Nope, not here.

While I have no doubt most will catch up later on, the point is - we’re still going to have to catch up later on.  Another setback, thanks to the lockout.

Posted by David M Singer on Feb 23, 2005 at 04:15 PM


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