Lay Down, Not Low

Obviously, Rick Tocchet is not concerned with appearances before his sentencing (Aug 17th).

According to, Tocchet’s playing in the World Series of Poker.  Not only that, so is his alleged gambling buddy Janet Jones (Gretzky).

I’m not one to judge here as I don’t think playing poker is the same as betting (or taking bets) on a sporting event, but there are many out there who lump it all into “gambling”.  For Tocchet’s sake, I hope the judge who rules on sentencing doesn’t hold his WSOP trip against him.

Update Jul 12 145pm: Tocchet did not show up for day two of the tournament:

Rick Tocchet Pulls a Vinnie Vinh
Yes, it’s unfortunate that Vinh’s condition has become a catchphrase, but I think it’s one that is here to stay. While Vinnie Vinh himself showed up today (but busted early with a short stack), Rick Tocchet never returned for his Day Two. He survived Day 1c with 17,100 in chips, and his stack made it to the second level without him before succumbing to the blinds. Why didn’t Tocchet ever return to play? There’s a theory that he was getting too much pressure for his legal troubles with gambling and conspiracy charges. While it’s completely legal for him (or anyone over the age of 21) to play in the World Series of Poker, it may have been bad for him in other ways. Regardless of the reason, Tocchet never returned on Day 2b, and his chips are now gone.

Hat tip to One Fan’s Perspective

Posted by David M Singer on Jul 09, 2007 at 02:54 PM
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