Lawyer Suing St. Pete Times Forum

Here’s the newest frivolous lawsuit: a Tampa lawyer is suing the St. Pete Times Forum saying he got a headache when a fellow spectator threw a hard plastic cup that hit him in the head.

The lawsuit against Tampa Bay Area Ltd. alleges that during the May 10 Lightning-Philadelphia Flyers playoff game, Mark Rodriguez got clocked by a fan “incited by the repetitive replay of a fight that occurred on the ice.”

There were two fights that game: Danil Markov - Darryl Sydor and Donald Brashear - Chris Dingman.  Neither were barnburners, not that it matters in a case like this.

After Rodriguez sues the Forum, he might want to go out and sue whatever television station the cup-thrower watched the night before, for inspiring him to go to the game, and maybe find out if cup-thrower has any video game consoles, because we know video games cause us to do bad things too.

Oh, wait a second, what was in that cup pre-throw?

The suit says the Forum was “having an all-you-can-drink night that caused spectators to become intoxicated.”

Oh.  I see.  So replaying a fight to a drunken hockey crowd (what? hockey fans drink?), made this man - who may or may not have actually been drunk - throw a cup.  Well, I do understand, with all the cup-throwing that goes on in those fights, that he’d see the link there.  After all, I was at a hockey game with a few drunk fans and they were showing replays of hard hits, which caused someone to randomly take their shirt off, and a great goal reel, which caused two people to break their chairs, and then have to stand in front of others the rest of the game.  Direct links, all of them.

Posted by David M Singer on Mar 31, 2005 at 01:39 PM


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