Hockeytown Is Alive, Just Stoned

Detroit is Hockeytown.  Or is it?  With empty seats noticable during the playoffs, some are wondering if Hockeytown is deadAlanah asked Helene Elliott of the LA Times her thoughts on that earlier today.

It turns out Hockeytown isn’t dead, just kinda freak-out buzzed.

A police office from Dearborn, MI confiscated some marijuana from some suspects and then brought it home to the wifey to bake into some brownies.  Either it was laced with something really good, or really bad, as the officer called 911 when he wasn’t sure what was going on anymore.

Also on is the audio of the 911 call from April 21, 2006.  A little after the 4:50 mark the (now former) officer asks the score of the Red Wings game.  Some snippets from the transcript:

Sanchez:I think I’m having an overdose. and so is my wife.
911: Overdose of what?
Sanchez: Marijuana…
Sanchez: We made brownies. and I think we’re dead. I really do…
Sanchez: Time is going by really, really, really slow…
Sanchez: What’s the score in the Red Wings game?
911: I’ve got no clue, i don’t watch the Red Wings.
Sanchez: I just wanted to make sure this isn’t some kind of hallucination I’m having.

If using Red Wings scores to make sure you’re not hallucinating doesn’t let you know Detroit is still Hockeytown, I don’t know what does.

Posted by David M Singer on May 11, 2007 at 08:32 PM


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