Free Agent Market Opens Today

Did you know?  If you follow hockey you do, but if you only casually follow the sport, you might be unaware.

Canadian sports website TSN leads with a story about the beginning of the free agent season.  Another Canadian sports site, Sportsnet, does the same.

On the other side of the border ESPN doesn’t have a thing about it on the front of the site, although there is a Sidney Crosby story from Scott Burnside.  Going to ESPN’s NHL front, there is a story about the market.  Another note: ESPN has not added the NHL back to a main spot on their horizontal menu bar that’s on all inside pages of  It is listed under “more”.

Sportsline doesn’t have a thing about the beginning of the free agent season today.  To make matters worse, Sportsline also crashes FireFox frequently, not sure what from (could be an ad), but I lost my browser a couple of times by visiting.  Fun.  Sportsline still has the NHL in a prime spot on their main menu.

Fox Sports joins the list of no front page coverage.  Going into the NHL area, there is a lead story about the top free agents by Roger Sackaroff.  Fox Sports also has the NHL listed after the other major sports on their main menu.

Sports Illustrated has nothing, although I’m sure that surprises no one, they’ve never been hockey heavy.  There is a Crosby story that flickers by on the front though.  Like ESPN, SI still has the NHL under the “more” list on the main menu.

So there you go, huge shocker - Canada’s got the beginning of free agency as a lead story, and the US has it buried, if at all.

Posted by David M Singer on Aug 01, 2005 at 02:37 PM


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