Email Bag Jam

Mail bags are popular columns on many of the major sports sites.  They let the readers see their names, give the feeling of interaction, and as long as you’re getting the emails (which most sites most certainly are), there are many good ones to choose from (the good being good, or insane - both good for publishing).

You know you sent in a good one when you get it to appear in multiple mail bags.

Darrell Sampson sent in a list of the 22 players remaining in the NHL who were in NHL ‘94 (“the greatest hockey video game of all time”) now that Mats Sundin has retired.

Sampson’s email appeared in both John Buccigross’ and Jim Lang‘s columns.

Buccigross comments about how his readers are the best, and Lang answers a question (Who will be the last one to retire?) presumably edited out of the email appearing on

It was a good email, for sure.  Editors are going to have to be careful with these, as many do have small edits here and there, and different versions being published can expose those edits.  No harm here, as there’s no shift in opinion from the edit, but it’ll be interesting to spot these as they happen and see if they read differently.

Posted by David M Singer on Oct 19, 2009 at 03:18 PM


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