Center Ice Gets Porntastic

The new background music for the Center Ice screens is absolutely pimptacular.

For those that don’t get Center Ice: during the day the schedule is on the screen.  Sometimes during the games a local commercial may be blocked and a “be back soon” message will be up.  After a game, it simply says “good night” before the schedule comes back.

Over the last few years we’ve gotten used to the old music, which was a little grating to be honest.  The new sound is an improvement, but completely porntastic.  Give a listen:

Laugh all you want, but if you’re watching a game and the pizza guy arrives while that’s turned up he might just think he’s won the lottery.

If we’re going to keep the theme, I think they should contact furiousBall next time, he can crank out some sound for a certain California valley (try So Funky It Stinks) and change it up some.

Posted by David M Singer on Oct 07, 2006 at 02:03 PM


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