Brandon Sugden Signed Bobble Head Giveaway

Doing a giveaway on and I thought I’d repost the notice here in case anyone is interested:

To go along with the Brandon Sugden Q & A we’re going to give away a couple of bobble heads of Sugar in his “six guns” pose. Even better, they’re signed (yes, by Sugar… wiseass).

So how to enter? Easy - go to this thread and make a post. It can be anything, “I’m in” works just fine. Two posts gets you dq’d. It can be your first post lurkers. I’ll ship it anywhere, why the hell not, so any region can enter except for Canada (just kidding).

Let me spell out the rules some more:

* You can only enter once. Duplicate entries will lead to the poster being disqualified.

* Entrant must be 13 years old or older.

* Forum leaders cannot enter.

* You can only win one prize.

* Prize: A Brandon Sugden bobble head. Two prizes will be awarded to two winners.

* Winners will be chosen at random on October 24, 2006. I will post the winners’ username in the forums and on the front of the website [].

* Winners will be contacted by email. You must have a legitimate email address in order to win.

* Prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any other item you’ve ever seen in your entire life. If you don’t want the bobble head, don’t enter.

* You have to be a member to post. If you’re not a member already, sign up here.

Enter the giveaway

Posted by David M Singer on Oct 11, 2006 at 02:35 PM


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