Big Walt

Everyone seemed to have a blast making fun of Keith Tkachuk for being suspended because he came to camp out of shape (i.e. fat), but after coming back off the IR because cracked ribs, he’s been very productive.  He has 6 points in his last 2 games, and 8 points in 6 games overall.

The Islanders-Blues game was on OLN last night and Mike Sillinger was mic’d up.  He yelled “Walt” to get Keith Tkachuk’s attention and the announcing crew mentioned it was Tkachuk’s nickname.  A few people asked me why, so here it is: Supposedly it’s as simple as Tkachuk’s last name looking like the last name of NY Rangers former player Walt Tkaczuk. When he got to the NHL no one felt like attempting to pronounce “Tkachuk” when looking at it, so they just called him Walt.  That’s it.

Edit 1116pm: Mirtle wasn’t blasting Tkachuk.  Mirtle wouldn’t blast, he’s a softy, probably wears a shield and I heard Sean Avery called him French.  j/k, but as Mirtle commented, I just thought I’d clarify wording.

Posted by David M Singer on Dec 07, 2005 at 02:37 PM


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