640 Toronto Jan 17, 2006

I’ll be on Hockey Tonight with Jeff Marek on 640 Toronto today at 7:35pm eastern.

As long as the web stream is working properly I’ll post the clip shortly after I’m on.  It’s been a little iffy lately.

I generally don’t post the announcements about my radio appearances here on The Ice Block, but I figured I’d might as well start, at least for those stations with web streams.

We generally talk fights, it’ll probably a mash of recent things and some things we haven’t gotten to lately as I was just on the show last Thursday.  We’re doing another segment so soon because I’m getting my tonsils out tomorrow and won’t be talking too much afterwards (in fact, I think I’ll probably be pretty out of it).  So that means no updates here or my other sites for at least a day or so.

I’m sure we’ll talk some about the McGrattan-Boogaard fight from last night.  If you haven’t caught it yet, you still can.  McGrattan’s style is starting to be his weakness.  He’s a great fighter, and his fights are just toe-to-toe slugfests, but when you’re all offense you’re going to get caught sometimes, and that’s what’s starting to happen with Gratts.

Despite what Mirtle thinks, Boogaard is not heavyweight champ of the league.  Definitely a future consideration, but he is losing to the top vets.  That’s nothing to be ashamed of by any means.  He’s taking on Georges Laraque, Donald Brashear and a Chris Simon who just started fighting again this season.  Mirtle’s right, you can’t win a title by not fighting, but you can’t lose it easily either, and there are guys out there who are fighting and winning.  Remember something else: rookies come into the league looking to make a name for themselves.  They will always be more active than veterans.

My knock on Laraque is the same as others, inactivity.  However, if he breaks the double digit barrier without a significant loss, he’ll at least “share” the title, one that’s been shared by guys like Laraque, Brashear and Cairns the past few seasons.  Like Laraque, Brashear isn’t dropping his gloves much, not really a surprise on a Ken Hitchcock team, but outside of the Boogey fight, Brash hasn’t been too impressive yet.  He had a quickie with Mike Komisarek and a nice bout with Eric Godard.  Brash landed more in the Godard fight, but took a couple of heavy shots and walked away looking beaten.  Depending on what matters more to you is how you called the fight.  Cairns has been mostly silent down in Florida.  He’s only played in half the games for the Cats, and like Brashear he’s on a team with a coach who’s not known for teams that fight.  Cairns’ ice time has been limited, and he’s a defenseman and generally isn’t expected to fight as much in the first place.  Still, he has only three bouts this season.  All good names, all good fights, but he’s not dishing out the hurt like he did pre-lockout.

Godard is having a monster year.  Bigtime names, good fights and good performances in all of them.  He’s been earning more icetime with his overall play, although coaching changes and the addition of John Erskine on Long Island could disrupt that.

Overlooked right now: Todd Fedoruk.  He’s not on a high profile team and doesn’t get much ink.  More than capable as a fighter, Fedoruk is having a good season overall.  He’s being given a chance to play and he’s getting better and better as a player.

There are a good amount of contenders this season, but no crown to give out yet.  There’s still a lot of season to go.  Drop ‘em if you got ‘em.

Update: Here’s the clip of tonight’s segment (mp3 1.32mb).  It’s a bit shorter than normal.  Mostly McGrattan-Boogaard talk and then we mentioned the Worrell-Jacobson fight from a couple of weeks back. One thing to add to that I didn’t get to mention on-air: Jacobson was in camp with Worrell in Hartford (Lee was then in Charlotte at the beginning of the year). Jacobson said Worrell was pretty gone in terms of conditioning. No doubt he went into that fight thinking he might be able to make a name for himself and underestimated Worrell. He’s generally not a cocky kid from what I hear, but he probably didn’t have the same perspective as everyone else after this year’s camp.

One other thing to note: the web stream was ok, it had one “burp” for a few seconds towards the beginning of the segment, any other pause was so short you probably won’t notice it.

Posted by David M Singer on Jan 17, 2006 at 02:33 PM
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